At Love Thy Neighbor, we closely monitor the progression of the COVID-19 virus as we provide uplifting in-home care to seniors and other high-risk adults in our community. We are proud to support seniors and families every day by providing care that helps older adults live and thrive at home.  For more than a year, the Coronavirus epidemic has been top-of-mind in the United States. The good news is that vaccines are currently being distributed, and the senior population is a top priority for vaccination. The state of mind in the U.S. right now is one of relief, hope, and optimism.


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Love Thy Neighbor and our caregivers have played an essential role in keeping seniors safe at home. We share in the hope and optimism felt around the country and offer a unique role in guiding seniors and families to make wise choices as the end of the pandemic is nearing but is not over yet.


Many family caregivers are heading back to work, and they will need to consider care and support for their senior loved ones. We are helping seniors and families transition from isolation to strategic socialization. Sharing the continued safety recommendations available from the nation’s leading health officials and the CDC, Love Thy Neighbor supports these changes by continuing our unique role in keeping seniors safe, reassured, active, connected, loved, and cared for.


We are proud to be providing essential services to older adults and their families. Please reach out to our local office if you need support or advice. Every client receives an individualized care plan that details their specific needs, and we can customize our services accordingly.

We will continue to provide resources and information as it becomes available. You can learn more here:

LaWanda Moore,