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Love Thy Neighbor Senior Care is a Licensed Home Health Agency

Our Mission  is to  ensure every elderly person both locally and nationally is being loved and served with excellence. We will strive to create an inclusive environment and we will embrace all those who are connected to our elderly clients. Additionally, we will treat all those we come in contact with in the same manner we would like to be treated.

Love Thy Neighbor Senior Care is a local company born out of a passion to see the elderly receiving the care they deserve.  We believe in providing services of the highest quality and in achieving superior levels of client satisfaction through the combined efforts of our outstanding team.  

Our Vision  is to become a transformational influence in the community by loving and caring for the elderly, their families, their friends and all those who come in contact with us through our services.

CORE Priorities

L - Loving

O - Open-Hearted

- Virtously

E - Empathic

Better Care Starts with You!